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In business since 1921! 98 years!

Dustin, Pops, Mom, John and Mikey at your service!

A Little Bit About Us and Our Unique Shop!


Empire Market... well, if that name doesn't conjure up delicious,  fresh, homemade, German style hot dogs, sausages, cold cuts and dozens of other goodies, it will soon! You must stop by and see what thousands of people have known since 1921. Empire Market is a rare gem in NYC!! We have been in the same location for 97 years... 3 generations of Lepine Family smiles and great food. Grandpa Lepine worked here for 54 years... he stood by everything he sold... and now, we have Mike, Pat and their 2 sons, Michael and John, and their cousin, Dustin, who follow his motto to this day!  Everything at Empire is made by hand and completely gluten free. There's a smokehouse in the back and the kitchen is always buzzing. While you are here, check out our, always expanding, selection of imported European groceries, high end American groceries and a selection of loose candy in glass jars that has to be seen to be believed! ... Please stop in and say hello... hmmm, maybe tonight for dinner you can have Smoked Pork Chops with a side of Red Cabbage or juicy Bratwurst and German Spaetzle?! Think about that for a second.... oh, man!

An Introduction To Our Products!


 Homemade Franks and the like...

*Regular size Frankfurter (our #1 seller, juicy and with a nice SNAP when you bite into 'em... they fit a hotdog bun perfectly)

*Coney Island Frankfurter (almost a foot long with a thinner skin)

*Cocktail Franks (pigs in a blanket, anyone?)

*Red Hot Franks (our Regular Frank with an incredible kick!)

*Knockwurst (a short, chubby frank with a thicker skin and a touch of onion)

*Kielbasa (a ring of smokey, garlicky heaven)

*Bauernwurst (a smaller, milder version of Kielbasa. Bavarian style!)

Smoked Ham and...

*Black Forest Ham (smokey, moist and sweet)

*Westphalian Ham (very smokey, deliciously dry and salty. Flavorful!)

*Low Salt Boiled Ham (the Deli classic that everyone loves! A sandwich staple!)

Cold Cuts...

*Bologna (the ultimate classic... everybody's all time, childhood favorite!)

*Cervelat (a very smokey, tangy, flavor packed, soft salami in a natural casing)

*German Hard Salami (a traditional all-purpose salami. Our number one seller! 100% beef))

*Genoa Salami (the classic Italian Salami! 100% pork with a hint of garlic)

*Hungarian Salami (a delicious taste of Hungary)

*Pepperoni (cubed, sliced or in a chunk... paprika rules! Delicious on pizza!)

*Head Cheese (Sülze, very rare these days, but not here! An old school classic.))

*Leberkase (like a German meatloaf, sliced or by the piece! Warmed up or cold!)

*Liverwurst (beef liver liverwurst, flavor packed, rich and decadent)

*Roast Turkey (all white meat, lean and moist)

*Smoked Turkey (all white meat, lean, moist and deliciously smokey)

Smoked Specialties...

*Landjaeger (the classic German dried beef sausage.. by the piece or pair)

*Smoked Hock (smoked pigs knuckle.. perfect for a split pea or lentil soup!) [Seasonal]

*Smoked Pork Chops (on the bone, moist and fully cooked, heat and serve)

*Smoked Bacon (our claim to fame! there is no better...double smoked... sliced or by the slab)

*Smoked Ham (You must try this... half or whole ham, for the holidays!)

Homemade Burgers...

*Beef Burgers (the classic! juicy, flavorful sirloin, 4oz ea., 4 per pk.)

*Beef Sliders (juicy sirloin, 2oz ea., 8 per pk.)

*Turkey Burgers (delicious and lean yet flavorful and juicy! 7oz ea., 2 per pk.)

*Southwestern Turkey Burgers (juicy, lean turkey with a blend of chilies, smoked paprika and sweet corn! 7oz ea., 2 per pk.)

*Bison Burgers  (extra lean yet juicy, 6oz ea.,2 per pk.)

*Cheddar Burgers  (juicy with sharp cheddar right in the burger. 7oz ea., 2 per pk.)

*Jack Burgers (delicious with Monterey Jack cheese mixed in.7oz ea.,2 per pk.)

* Jalapeño Cheddar (juicy with jalapaños and cheddar . Got a nice kick! 7oz ea., 2 per pk.)

*Italian Burgers (juicy beef burger with the spices from Italian sausage mixed in! 7oz ea., 2 per pk.)

*Bacon Burgers  (delicious sirloin with Empire’s homemade bacon! Ground together! 2 per pk.)

Sausages, Ground Meats and MEAT!


Homemade Sausages...

*Pork Italian (the classic... our way! Sausage and Peppers anyone?)

*Pork Bratwurst (the German sausage... you know it and love it! A Beer Garden staple!)

*Smoked Bratwurst (same as above with a little something extra... smoked!)

*Weisswurst (very mild, made with whole eggs and cream... rich!)

*Pork Cheese and Parsley (thin sausage in a ring... incredible flavor)

*Breakfast Sausage Links (thin pork links with salt and black pepper)

*Breakfast Sausage Patties (pre-cooked and pork delicious! Heat and serve!)

*Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links (turkey links, same spices as the pork but extra lean!))

*English Bangers (a UK favorite... tasty pork sausage with a hint of lemon)

*Andouille (spicy Cajun smoked pork sausage, perfect for Jambalaya or Gumbo)

Chicken Sausages... Lean and delicious!

*Chicken Apple (sweet and juicy, with real apple!)

*Chicken Bratwurst (the classic German sausage, done lighter and leaner!)

*Chicken Broccoli-Rabe (yup, broccoli-rabe... garlicky and flavor packed)

*Chicken French (our original and very first... mild. Onion and white pepper!)

*Chicken Hungarian (garlic, garlic... and, did I mention garlic?!)

*Chicken Italian (a classic with fennel and paprika updated with lean chicken)

*Chicken Onion and Peppers (Italian with onions and peppers in every bite!)

*Chicken Spinach (a delicious way to get the kids to eat spinach)

Sausages of the Week... (Each sausage available on different weeks in a monthly rotation)

Beer & Cheddar Bratwurst: Full flavored with the perfect blend of spices and the treasured hoppiness of the added beer. The cheddar gives it a beautiful texture and compliments that delicious pork perfectly!

Fresh Chorizo: delicious, juicy pork and our blend of top notch spices, smokey peppers and a hint of vinegar! 

Louisiana Sausage: a NYC version of a Louisiana staple! Succulent pork with a good heap of southern spices to knock your socks off! 🌶

Hungarian Sausage: this special sausage is our oldest, cherished recipe. Great-grandma would be so proud! The perfect blend of garlic marinated pork, paprika and spices! 

Tuscan Lemon Chicken Sausage: Delicious chicken blended with our in house mix of spices inspired by the Tuscan region of Italy! Plus fresh squeezed lemon juice that gives this sausage a lift on your tongue! 

Teriyaki Sausage: Juicy pork, spiced gently with ginger, garlic, onion, a bit of brown sugar and pineapple juice sweetness and that savory soy sauce!

Ground Meats...

*Ground Beef (juicy, delicious sirloin, freshly ground to order while you wait! In any amount... and it only takes a few minutes!)

*Ground Chicken (lean, we grind it and freeze it immediately, #1 pks.)

*Ground Turkey (lean, we do the grinding and freezing, #1 pks.)

*Ground Pork (beautiful pork, ground by us and frozen, #1 pks.)

*Ground Lamb (delicious, succulent, boneless leg of lamb. Ground in house! #1 pks.)


*Whole Chickens (delicious, 4-4 1/2 lbs... we'll even cut it up for ya!)

*Chicken Breast (boneless, we'll do whatever you'd like.. flatten for chicken 

cutlets, cube for shish-ka-bob, butterfly for the grill... you name it)

*Beef Cubes for Stew (perfectly cubed to order, right in front of you)

*Pot Roast (Silver Tip! cut to order from a delicious, tender Top Sirloin)

*London Broil (cut to order, any thickness you’d like, from a juicy Top Round)

*Pepper Steak (delicious Top Round sliced thin on the slice! Add onions and peppers or cheese for a Philly Cheese Steak!)

*Rib Steak (the best there is... dry aged and boneless, cut to order)

*Pork Chops (juicy, boneless and center cut... incredible.. cut to order)

*Bone In Pork Chops (center cut on the bone! So delicious and juicy! Cut to order)

*Pork Loin (center cut, juicy and boneless... cut to any size you'd like)

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